Unpleasant Juices assessed 2019 + Horrible Salt contrasted

December 2019

Nasty Juice is most likely the largest Malaysian ejuice manufacturer. With Nasty Juice, you can anticipate uniformity in flavor, appealing and vibrant branding and also above all – a dedication to preference.

1. Broski Berry Awful Berries Series (30PG/70VG, 3mg).
2. Stargazing Horrible Berries Series (30PG/70VG, 3mg).
3. Sicko Blue Awful Berries Collection (30PG/70VG, 3mg).
4. Hippie Route Unpleasant Ballin Series (30PG/70VG, 3mg).
5. Passion Killa Awful Ballin Collection (30PG/70VG, 3mg).
6. Migos Moon Horrible Ballin Collection (30PG/70VG, 3mg).
7. Bloody Berry Unpleasant Ballin Series (30PG/70VG, 3mg).
8. Silver Blend Nasty Tobacco Series (30PG/70VG, 3mg).
9. Gold Blend Unpleasant Cigarette Series (30PG/70VG, 3mg).
10. Negative Blood Nasty 60ml Collection (30PG/70VG, 3mg).
11. Worthless Haze Nasty 60ml Collection (30PG/70VG, 3mg).
12. ASAP Grape Unpleasant 60ml Collection (30PG/70VG, 3mg).
13. Slow Blow Horrible 60ml Series (30PG/70VG, 3mg).
14. Devil Teeth Awful 60ml Series (30PG/70VG, 3mg).
15. Mango Banana Unpleasant Cushman Collection (30PG/70VG, 3mg).
16. Mango Strawberry Awful Cushman Collection (30PG/70VG, 3mg).
17. Mango Grape Awful Cushman Collection (30PG/70VG, 3mg).
18. Slow Impact Pure Nicotine Salt (50PG/50VG, 35mg).
19. ASAP Grape Nicotine Salt (50PG/50VG, 35mg).
20. Poor Blood Nicotine Salt (50PG/50VG, 35mg).
21. Trap Queen Pure Nicotine Salt (50PG/50VG, 35mg).
22. Cushman Mango Nicotine Salt (50PG/50VG, 35mg)
Awful Berries Collection.
For a video clip evaluation of Unpleasant Berries line-up, enjoy it on youtube: https://youtu.be/P-N3llUA0sw.

1. Awful Berries Series: Broski Berry (30PG/70VG, 3mg).

On the inhale, the initial flavor that strikes you is the preference of cherries. I’m not so accustomed to the preference of cherries and also it’s something that is certainly brand-new to me. Yet the cherry flavor is not man-made as well as not overpowering or sweet. The next most obvious flavor is aniseed. The aniseed is similar to the preference you obtain from white sambuca alcohol which comes from star anise. This mix of cherry and also aniseed actually complements each various other effectively as well as produces an eliquid that is certainly special. After a few more smokes, i can value that the cherries likewise include some other berries inside – possibly it contains some minor raspberry flavor. Yet I certainly do not taste any type of strawberry or blueberry. On top of that, I do not detect any kind of cooling notes. The taste is currently an air conditioning taste yet i do not identify any kind of cooling result on my throat. Really light and fragile on the inhale and also exhale. Not a pleasant ejuice in any way. Light berries (largely cherries) with the delicate note of natural herbs from the aniseed.

2. Horrible Berries Collection: Stargazing (30PG/70VG, 3mg).

Stargazing is absolutely a blueberry taste that is truly close to genuine blueberry jam. This stargazing is a much more “dry” blueberry flavour as well as does not cover your whole tongue unlike a blueberry flavour that contains extra sweetness which will certainly taste a lot more “damp”. This suggests that you will not get any sickly wonderful remaining taste on your tongue which is a significant benefit!

3. Horrible Berries Series: Sicko Blue (30PG/70VG, 3mg).

This set preferences of blended berries integrated with sweet. Shop All Coils can taste the berry notes on the inhale, yet it’s not one details strawberry or raspberry flavor. Actually, this flavor is referred to as blue raspberry. Blue raspberry is a taste is generally utilized in drinks and sweets as well as is a lot of the moment coloured with a bright blue. You can quickly inform by checking out the colour of the sweet, pleasant or beverage – if it’s a bright blue colour, it is most likely seasoned with blue raspberry (despite whatever name they use to market that thing). Just Like Broski Berry and also Stargazing, i don’t feel that this eliquid is pleasant in any way. I think Unpleasant Juice did an excellent task in controlling the degree of sweetness with this line. Its seems they did it purposefully to make the Nasty Berry Collection much less wonderful. In regards to cooling impact, because the flavor is quite light, they did not add any type of added menthol or cooling note to increase the flavor. For me directly, i would certainly add some cooling booster to it to make it extra interesting


Nasty Ballin Series:.

4. Awful Ballin: Hippie Route (30PG/70VG, 3mg).

You can see the video to see a review of Hippie Path where i contrast it to Sprite below:.

See it on youtube: https://youtu.be/9PwaJTze4ck.

I believe that hippie path certainly is my second fave in the Awful Ballin line-up. I simply like their method of mixing the citrus fruits together and the lime and lemon mix is terrific. For me, an excellent citrus taste must be well balanced to avoid the odor or preference of low-cost air freshener (lol).

5. Unpleasant Ballin: Interest Killa (30PG/70VG, 3mg).

I would certainly state that the sweetness degree is certainly higher than the Horrible Berries Series. There is a really low air conditioning note to offer this taste an extra kick.

6. Nasty Ballin: Migos Moon (30PG/70VG, 3mg).

I enjoy the succulent as well as extreme tart flavor that the sourish orange and also lemon mix this offers me. You obtain some fragrant orange syrup fragrance note on the inhale and also the exhale is mostly sour lemon. The sweetness degree is definitely higher than the Unpleasant Berries Collection. The cooling note on this taste is a must to give it an extra kick – yet once more, I dont’ locate it subduing in all.

7. Horrible Ballin: Bloody Berry (30PG/70VG, 3mg).

My favorite from the Unpleasant Ballin line-up. It’s outstanding just how Unpleasant Juice were able to get that fresh soft drink taste into this juice. Unpleasant says that its a raspberry flavor included right into this mix, however i don’t exactly taste raspberry, but rather its kind of an overall combined berries vibe that isn’t strong.

Nasty Tobacco Series.
8. Awful Cigarette Series: Silver Blend (30PG/70VG, 3mg).

I can taste a type of tobacco but the cigarette has a taste of something extra with it. The description says that is it vanilla custard but this is not what i preference. I taste even more of a sweet cream taste.

9. Horrible Tobacco Collection: Gold Blend (30PG/70VG, 3mg).

This is a really one-of-a-kind tobacco flavor for certain. It’s an extremely nutty kind of cigarette with a positive great smoky taste that concurs with me, unlike the Silver Blend.

Unpleasant Fruity Series 60ml.

10. Poor Blood (30PG/70VG, 3mg).

Certainly feel the taste of blackcurrant gummy sweet. The sweetness level is not high as Awful Ballin and also not as low as Nasty Berries.

11. Wicked Haze (30PG/70VG, 3mg).

Wow – love this lemonade. Excellent well balanced mix of wonderful as well as sour. Wonderful cooling note on the throat. The lemonade taste is fizzy and also bubbles throughout the tongue. The blackcurrant for me it’s not so apparent, nearly non-existent. I do not taste any blackcurrants.

12. ASAP Grape (30PG/70VG, 3mg).

Intense grape preference that isn’t wonderful and overpowering. This grape mix has a really low cooling note as well as it’s carbonated and also bubbly in your mouth.

13. Slow Blow (30PG/70VG, 3mg).

After a few even more puffs, i taste more of a lime fizzy beverage as well as plainly it’s not lemon – its lime! After more puffs, i understand that the pineapple is the essential active ingredient that makes this various as well as raises up the lime flavor as well as keeps this taste sampling fresh as well as unique. For me, a light and also fresh taste is the most convenient flavor to vape for a long vape session without getting tired.

14. Adversary Teeth (30PG/70VG, 3mg).

A honeydew taste. Smooth honeydew, not pleasant (thankfully). Extremely mild air conditioning note is present. Preference a little between honeydew fruit and also gummy fruity candy. I vaped this for a hr and also really did not really feel that sickly sweet aftertaste in my mouth which is outstanding. I truly like just how Awful Juice controls their sweetness degree in their series

Nasty Cushman Collection.

Of all, the Cushman Collection has the very same level of sweet taste as the Unpleasant Ballin Collection. In comparison, the Awful Berry Collection as well as Nasty 60ml Collection is definitely much less pleasant.

15. Mango Banana (30PG/70VG, 3mg).

On the first smoke, i get the aroma of banana flowing via my mouth and nose. After that, i obtain hit with the preference of delicious as well as really ripe mango taste. The banana is ever so somewhat creamy and fairly great smelling as well as matches the mango very well. The banana below is much more for the scent and also it does not make this eliquid luscious. Unlike a banana shake type taste where you obtain lots of creaminess from the banana, in this instance, it’s far more fragrant.

16. Mango Strawberry (30PG/70VG, 3mg).

I really feel like im vaping a sweetish as well as ripe mango flavor with really little strawberry. The mix of strawberry in this formula kind of nullifies the mango as well as also the strawberry.

17. Mango Grape (30PG/70VG, 3mg).

I merely can not envision what grapes and mango would taste like as this not a ‘natural’ fruit mix for me. I am surprised due to the fact that i can in some way taste both tastes quite plainly. Hit gives you a sweet like grape flavor and after that the exhale you get the ripe and aromatic mango.

Unpleasant Salt Reborn.

Now we have a look at the new Unpleasant Salt Reborn available in 10ml sizes with 50PG/50VG blend at 35mg. This 10ml variant is widely available in the Malaysian vaping market and is much preferred over the 30ml variant. The 10ml serving size is very preferred in Malaysia as a result of the reduced rate and the ‘fast to end up’ offering dimension which lets vapers attempt a range of salt pure nicotine tastes without devoting to the larger 30ml dimension that is more typically located in other vaping nations.

Im screening these on the Cigarette smoking Vapor Mi-Pod device which makes use of cartridges of 1.3 ohm firing at 3-4.2 volts. Yet remember, depending on the vessel tool you utilize, the pure nicotine salt can taste extremely different in regards to intensity.

18. Slow Strike (50PG/50VG, 35mg).

Im very familiar with the pineapple as well as lime soda preference of the freebase variation of Slow Strike and also I’m actually looking ahead to this salt nic variation! Allows see what it tastes like. The taste of Slow Impact does not get old.

19. Asap Grape (50PG/50VG, 35mg).

Sweet black grapes with zero cooling notes. I assume all their salt nic’s are deliberately no cooling down unlike their freebase line which has a extremely low and also mild cooling note. I’m getting some nice vapor manufacturing on this Mipod gadget and also the taste of sweet black grapes is easily recognizable on this tool.

20. Negative Blood (50PG/50VG, 35mg).

Once more, i applaud Horrible Juice for being able to duplicate the freebase variation of this juice. The blackcurrant gummy sweet taste is smooth and also great as anticipated. Much like the freebase version, im 100% pleased with this. I simply adore the gummy feel you obtain with this juice and also it adds some dimension to an otherwise ordinary blackcurrant flavor. Am satisfied that the salt nic variation takes care of to duplicate that!

21. Catch Queen (50PG/50VG, 35mg).

On very first smoke i certainly scent the aroma of strawberries covering my nostrils. Im appreciating the taste of this is as its mildly wonderful with good extreme strawberry taste. Truly fruity and also fleshy pleasant strawberries.

22. Cushman Mango (50PG/50VG, 35mg).

This tastes very similar to the mango discovered in their Cushman series. It’s a familiar ripe wonderful mango flavor that’s concise and clear. As long as i like mango, i do find this mango to be ‘run-off-the-mill’ as well as a little boring for my preferences. I much choose the preference of sour mangoes or a combined fruit mango taste


That sums up the collection of freebase eliquids and pure nicotine salts from Nasty Juice! I would certainly state that incorporated with awesome looks as well as excellent quality tastes, it’s no wonder Nasty Juice has actually handled to market to over 72 countries. When it comes to my suggestions and significant characteristics, you can see the list below. As they have a lot of to pick from, I shall select the top 5 flavors in their freebase line up and also top 3 from their nicotine salt line-up. I have gotten the checklist from the majority of favourite to least favourite.

The Majority Of Favourite to Least Favourite.
Sweetness as well as Cooling Degree.
Easily recognizable tastes?
Secret attribute.
Stargazing (blueberry).
Absolutely No Sweet Taste as well as Absolutely No Cooling.
Very suggest. Straightforward fresh blueberries that isn’t pleasant but extremely aromatic.

Slow Strike (pineapple lime soda).
Reduced Sweet Taste and Zero Cooling.
Very distinct taste of pineapple and lime soda with an added fizz that makes this attract attention!
Sicko Blue (blue raspberry).
Zero Sweetness and Zero Cooling.

Smashing preference of candy-like blue raspberry. Love it a lot.
ASAP Grape (grape soda).
Low Sweetness and also No Air Conditioning.
Juicy grape soft drink that bubbles and fizzles on my tongue. Completely pleasurable as well as addicting.

Hippie Path (lime soft drink).
Tool Sweet Taste and No Air Conditioning.
Preferences like sprite with added zing from the lime.

Leading 3 Pure nicotine Salt flavors by Unpleasant Juice placed in order of most favorite to least favourite:.

Many Favourite to Least Favourite.
Sweet Taste as well as Air Conditioning Level.
Conveniently recognizable flavors?
Key quality.
Slow Strike (pineapple lime soft drink).

Absolutely No Sweetness and Absolutely No Cooling.
Impressive replication of the freebase version. The pineapple and also lemonade comes through well although not as juicy.

ASAP Grape (grape soda).
Zero Sweet Taste and No Cooling.
Extreme as well as straightforward grape taste are one of my fav’s as well as this shines.

Negative Blood (blackcurrant gummies).
No Sweet Taste as well as No Air Conditioning.
Blackcurrant gummy flavor is so addicting. The gummy taste makes this unique for me.

With Unpleasant Juice, you can expect consistency in taste, eye-catching and bold branding and above all – a dedication to preference. Nasty states that its a raspberry taste included right into this mix, however i do not specifically taste raspberry, however rather its kind of a general mixed berries vibe that isn’t solid. The sweet taste degree is not high as Nasty Ballin as well as not as reduced as Nasty Berries. In comparison, the Horrible Berry Collection and Horrible 60ml Series is certainly less sweet. I would state that combined with awesome looks and high top quality tastes, it’s no marvel Nasty Juice has managed to market to over 72 nations.